May 28th 2023

New PWA Tools Section with Offline Support!

I've been working on a new section of the site for a bit and it's now ready to go. In the past I've received numerous requests to support offline capabilities with some of the tools I've created (specifically, the Lazy Portfolio Rebalancer so I've created a new Tools section of the site to support standalone Progressive Web Apps that have offline support. To install using a Chrome-based browser (including Edge) visit the tool's page you're interested in and click the install button in the address bar.

Install button as seen in Chrome.

Because the service worker is installed on first page load you may need to refresh the page or app after installing to get the offline support to work correctly. Currently it is setup to use runtime caching which means the service worker needs to be active before offline assets can be cached. If you're viewing this page it should probably just work though as you would have loaded the service worker now or on a previous page load.

You can also install the apps on your mobile device by visiting the tool's page you want to install and choosing to add the app to your home screen. The offline support may vary depending on your device and browser (iOS devices may be specifically finicky thanks to Apple's lackluster and buggy support for Progressive Web Apps).

Let me know what you think!