April 20th 2024

A new résumé for new opportunities

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and so has my time working at Rakuten on our SSP. Our team and our product were impacted by the war in Ukraine and it seems our platform never recovered enough to prevent it from being sold to one of our customers. It sucks for us but in the end there is definitely worse things happening in the world with that war. However, it does leave me and my team looking for new opportunities. I've added a link to my résumé on the navigation menu. Feel free to click, take a look, and let me know if I have the skills you need!

As part of this process of updating my old and busted résumé I created a new HTML template that is responsive across devices and can easily be turned into a PDF using the "Print as PDF" feature. Feel free to use the template yourself if you are in the market and are so inclined, just change the details first ;)

With k8s anything can be a node, including all my miscellaneous hardware!

In the meantime I'll be brushing up on my networking skills (social and hardware) and working on my home kubernetes lab to get my CKA certification. I've really enjoyed all the Infrastructure as Code work I've been doing lately as well as seen the huge demand coming for AI compute; so I suppose it's best to be ready for the future!