February 12th 2022

Was the "all-in" spread trade a success?

In episode 54 of the All-In podcast, Chamath brought up the idea of initiating a spread trade within big tech stocks as a way of protecting against a market downturn. It has been three months since the episode aired and we've already had a pretty good market correction with the possibility of some more to go. So, how did the spread trade do? If you had entered the trade when the episode aired would you have made money? Let's take a look.

September 25th 2020

Rebalancing your lazy portfolio

Lazy portfolios are a simple and safe way I've been using for some time to successfully invest in the market. The general idea is to allocate your investments into a few broad funds (usually index funds) proportionally to your desired risk profile and let them sit and grow over time. Once you've purchased your funds at your desired allocations the only action required is to occasionally rebalance them and bring them back to your desired allocations as they change over time. These rebalances can happen at set time intervals (6 months to a year) or at specific triggers based on some other strategy. If your only criteria is that your risk profile adjusts as you get closer to retirement age then you can invest entirely in a target date fund, but if you want more control over when/why/how you rebalance then a lazy portfolio might be for you.