August 20th 2023

Stuffing a RTX 4090 in an Dan Lian-li A4 H2O

In continuing with the evolution of my small form factor PC I recently took to upgrading the GPU to an RTX 4090. Given that it was a bit challenging compared to my 3080ti both size wise as well as highlighting some issues I didn't even realized I had with the included pci-e 4.0 riser cable I thought I'd share my experience.

March 7th 2022

Small form factor PC refresh

The "small, but powerful, gaming machine" has seen a few new parts over the years but one of these parts (a new nvidia RTX 3080 ti founders edition) eventually pushed it beyond its cooling capabilities. My slim case was not well designed for handling the new flow through airflow design adopted by the newer RTX cards and any heavy usage caused the entire thing to fill with heat until eventually the PSU would call it quits. Ripping the top off of the case and adding a few extra USB fans helped to cool things off a bit but it was not a pretty sight, and the temperatures were still uncomfortably high...